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Messages - 11/25/23
lotsa new things !!
    bday was on the 13th, and also getting into stuff

    lol new update in 2 months
    Anyways, my bday was on the 13th, which was cool, and monthly test will be held on the 30th, atm I'm into mc anarchy servers rn (2b2t esque shit but i don't like playing on the main server cuz queue), so not too into cs or any valve stuff atm, but anyways cya

    -- streety (Im cool i m da bomb)

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 3/3/2003 Beta Build with 1/14/2003 assets with the 9/9/2003 engine
 CS 1.6 9/9/2003 Beta Build
 CS 1.6 Beta Build a few days before release from 9/9/2003 that has some assets from ca. July 2003
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